Wedding bells are ringing, invitations are sent, the big day is about to come and most importantly… you and the love your life are about to begin a new milestone as a married couple! Thus, this special occasion deserves a well-deserved documentation!

Prenup photoshoots are done to set the mood for the remarkable event that’s just about to unravel. Your prenup pictorial tells a unique story of how amazing the two of you got together. Not to mention how it gives a strong emotional impact to anyone who will see it now and forever.

Here are the reasons why a prenup wedding pictorial is a must-have!

Every couple’s love story is a collection of unforgettable memories.

Doesn’t it feel amazing to have something you can look back when you are old and gray – pictures that will come to life and leave you a smile as you reminisce good ole times with the one you love. To have a book specially customized for one of the best love stories could ever be told is actually a blessing.

Use your pre-wedding photos to excite your guests.

You can use your pre-wedding photos on your profile picture, in your invitations, and of course, as a part of your wedding design collaterals. Imagine when your guests finally received your wedding invitations and saw the picturesque of two people in love. This also sparks an impression of your personality as a couple that you and your guests will remember.

Prepares you on that much-awaited day!

Are you the kind of couple who dread being the focus of the camera? If you are still having a hard time how to project yourself in photos, then a prenup pictorial is suited for you. Here at David Dean photography, we will help you to be confident while unleashing natural and unguarded happiness captured with your every pose. We can also give directions and guidelines for you to aim your the wedding theme or peg.

Great Love deserves a Great Team of Photographers

Greatest moments should never be compromised to what it’s worth. We value your special day as much as we love our chosen craft. Our expertise and experience are worth investing in. At David Dean Photography, we take bridal photography seriously, we take each wedding as our masterpiece. Considering that these photos will be pass on from one generation to another, so we make sure to capture every priceless moment.

Say “I do” to your one and only

If you are to hire professional photographers for your prenup, we highly suggest hiring the same team on your wedding day. Aside from getting it in a package deal, your prenup photographer also somehow established rapport between you two. They took part in the first stage and briefly know a little history how to release that spark.

We are a conversationalist and we believe that to effectively spring the chemistry in pictures, the right questions should be asked. Answers that will bring joy or little tears once you hear it from your partner. What’s your say? I do?